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The EP360 Initiative is proud to release this limited edition lapel pin as we try to improve our region with design. For more information on this flag concept, visit the EPDN flag page. 

El Paso del Norte Flag pin

In this colorful and easy to navigate book, learn about some of the people, places, and things that have helped shape modern day El Paso. Even though this book is related to the loteria game and includes sections dedicated to each game piece, reading linearly like a standalone book helps decode the interwoven historical chapters of El Paso del Norte.

Paseño History Book

Our Starter Kit comes with everything you need to play. 10 tablas and a deck of cards in a resealable sleeve. 



Our introductory set contains 10 tablas, a deck of 60 calling cards and a copy of the Paseño History book all bundled in a presentation box.

To kick off the EP360 initiative and introduce our region’s rich history to those who might not be familiar, we have developed a new twist to a cultural favorite.

Stay safe and healthy!

is currently affecting all parts of the world simultaneously, in multiple and severe ways. The speed in which everything changed further illustrates my theory that El Paso is now (and only until recently), intertwined with the rest of the world like never before.

That’s the point I tried making in An Introduction of Paseño History, which is part of the El Paso del Norte Loteria set. With so many people at home, and out of work, I decided to put all of the individual parts of my book on this website, for free.

There are still game sets available to purchase –with a stable supply around the corner. Plus, the book is now available to buy individually, as well. As everything I’ve ever done has been a completely independent effort, any support that helps further this and other projects, is always incredibly humbling and appreciated. Now more than ever, supporting individual creators or entrepreneurs in our communities is important and righteous.

However, I thought all El Pasoans (regardless of their ability to spend) could benefit by using some of our new free time learning about our home. Because once you internalize how long this place has been around and how many other people have called it “home,” it becomes a reminder that no matter the adversity, it too will pass.