Ways to win
There are many regional styles of playing. The most common ways to win are creating vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines. Four corners is another common method. If you’re looking for a longer game, try playing a “carta llena” round, where all tiles must be covered!

How To Play

Lotería (Spanish word for lottery) is a traditional Mexican game of chance like bingo, which uses images on cards rather than numbers on balls.

Before getting started, grab a handful of raw pinto beans, popcorn kernels, pennies, or anything small to act as markers. Choose who will be the caller, select a prize (optional), and decide ways to win for the round. Each player then chooses one of the tablas provided.

The caller then shuffles the calling cards, and places them face down to make sure no one can see the order. When every player is ready, the caller will grab the top card, announce the title, show the players the image, and (if needed) say the number to clarify. Once everyone has had time to place their markers on the corresponding tile, place the card down in a new pile.

The first player whose markers land on the agreed way to win, must yell “lotería!” The caller will verify the win by using the new pile of called cards. If those marked tiles are present in the new pile, that player is the winner and receives the prize. If more than 1 player has a winning tabla, the player who shouted “Lotería” first gets the prize.